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It is possible that this book, by Zali Segal, is the best introduction to Hypnotherapy available at this time. It is so very well written and presented, and provides a truly excellent foundation for anyone who is interested in learning what hypnosis IS, and what it IS NOT. No one, after reading this book, could possible misunderstand or misinterpret Hypnosis, and this, in the light of that fact that the great majority of the population of the USA is ignorant of the true nature of Hypnosis, is an enormously beneficial service to the public at large, and to professional therapists in particular.


Hypnotize This! Begins with a section that is one of the very best introductions to Hypnosis that I have read; it is clear, careful, interesting, and entertaining. There is nothing in this book that is dry and lifeless, quite the contrary: it brims with enthusiasm and thoroughly practical knowledge.


Then, there are many articles by thirty-three of the leaders in the field of hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, who have contributed some of their best ideas and advice. There are excellent and varied induction scripts and ideas for the beginner to practice and mold to his/her own practice. The book is full of the ‘diamonds’ that are often so difficult to find in some other sources that profess to teach the skills of hypnotherapy. This book is a compilation of all these jewels that form the basis of therapeutic competence and confidence.


There is no reason why anyone who has studied this book would not, with practice of all it provides, become a very effective hypnotherapist: it simply has nothing missing. It is practical and powerful, and I recommend it highly, especially to beginners in the profession, but also, surely, to those who have been using hypnotherapy techniques for years. If the general public were to read this book, then I am certain that all these foolish notions, which we all hear regularly, would vanish like early morning fog. It is that good!

The price of the book may seem to be rather high, but, when one looks at the cost of quite brief seminars, and compares the information in this book with these, then the price is certainly not outrageous by any measure. In addition, the book is the core of Zali Segal’s Certification Course in Hypnotherapy, so one can continue the education that the book provides, and augment that with a practical and usable certification from one of the best in the business.


If you are new to the hypnotherapy world, buy this book and study it carefully. I can certainly say that you will derive a fine education from it, and you will be royally entertained in the process. It can, even on its own, act as a very secure foundation for a lifetime of practice.


Alexander Docker, DCH, Ph.D,

President, American Board of Hypnotherapy




Dear Zalman.

Today, what a wonderful surprise to receive the copies of your new book which you so kindly sent me.

It is an absolutely splendid text.  A truly proud achievement you have produced here. Beyond question it is a book that will remain as a classic in the field. And so many friends you have included in the book. Thank you Zali.


Your friend

Ormond McGill




At Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy, Zali’s book, Hypnotize This! is the primary text for Advanced Hypnosis. Hypnotize This! reveals the principles and theories of how hypnosis works. It is the most complete professional and practical course in hypnotism ever published. I highly recommend Hypnotize This! for anyone who is curious about hypnotherapy or who wants to enhance their hypnosis skills.


Dear Zali:

I have been a student, practitioner, and/or teacher of hypnosis for 25 years.  I am a Certified Instructor for both the NGH, as well as the ABH.  .  Your book "HYPNOTIZE THIS!" is required reading for every course I teach.  It is the single most powerful source of practical information concerning hypnosis, available today.  I found it to be refreshing, informative and thoroughly digestible.  I recommend it to anyone with any level of interest in hypnotism.


Thank you,

Dr. W. A. Stafford



Hello Zali,

Just a note to let you know that I was very impressed with all the information that was in the book.  I especially enjoyed the section on the Psychology of suggestion.  It was nice to be able to know why and how the mind works.  I also like all the essays from the other contributors to the book.  It’s wonderful to see the difference in thinking by other hypnotist but still talking on the same subject.  It was exciting that finally someone has made the definitions of some of the language used in hypnosis and those other techniques very understandable and useable.

Just finished watching your video on Free Presentations.  WOW! Your concept is SO EASY!  And with a memory like mine I don’t even have to use it now.

 Keep up the practice,

Alex Szwed CHt





The key to health and healing..., September 14, 2004

It is said that the physician's job is to entertain the patient while he heals himself. In the world of health and healing, the mind plays the most important role, as internal healer; and tapped by the professional, can catapult the healing process. Mr. Segal has provided a collection of valuable tools and information that can help any practitioner, from massage therapist to M.D., to understand and utilize the power of the mind for the benefit of the client/patient.
This book, considered a professional textbook in hypnosis, opens and stimulates greater healing possibilities for client/patients, regardless of their issues.
For the layman, this book can help one to understand how their mind works, provide an understanding of tools used to work with the mind and, through that knowledge, create a key to personal healing.
A must-read for any healthcare practitioner...or anyone with a mind. As a practitioner, I enjoy and use this book often...as a person with a mind...in is an invaluable resource on a daily basis.

Thank you Mr. Segal.


C. L. Wisehart  (Asheville, NC)




“Congratulations Zali on an excellent book. The time and effort you put into it really shows…it is a gem among hypnosis books.”
Shelley Stockwell, PhD

President of the International Hypnosis Federation®




"What a masterpiece you've created in your new book 'Hypnotize This'! In my opinion, this reference book should be in the library of every serious professional. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to the profession."

Robert F. Otto, C.Ht.



This book is a must have for all hypnotherapist, July 29, 2004

This book is recommended reading for all of my students and it will soon become one of the required text books for the Academy of Hypnotherapy. It is jam packed with so much useful information. I recommend “Hypnotize This” to any student of Hypnotherapy or to anyone who has an interest in hypnosis.
The most comprehensive hypnosis manual I've seen, July 15, 2004

Robin E. Jones, CCHt., CI, www.academyofhypnotherapy.com Navarre , FL



There are many books on hypnosis and hypnotherapy out there, some better than others. Many are more theoretical than practical and obviously written by people who do not do the job of hypnotherapist on a daily basis. This one really is different. It is an absolute goldmine for both beginners and the experienced practitioner. You can see above what it contains in summary, but that does not show you just how packed it is with powerful new ideas both from the author and from the many other eminent contributors who share their secrets of successful sessions. If you work with hypnosis, you can't afford to be without this one!

Peter Newell (Crawley, West Sussex United Kingdom)



I think it is a very valuable addition to the existing books. How you got all those people to agree to contribute I don't know. Of course some of the chapters are (or something very similar is) on the internet if you know how to find it e.g. Cal Banyan summarizes 5 PATH (I'm a graduate) on his website, and Paul Durbin discusses hypnosis and religion on his.
Having said that, much of the stuff I have never seen before, and in any case it is nice to have it all presented within one cover, together with your own excellent and original input.
I like the material by Baruch Elitzur - I am very interested in, and convinced by, evolutionary psychology.
I am not so sure about offering a certificate after a test has been passed. It's a bit like giving out black belts with a karate book. You can't learn these things from a book, it takes live instruction, experience of being hypnotized, and lots of practice.
However taken together I think it is a comprehensive and often original manual. It is a weapon in the hands of a would be therapist. After training the issue is whether a person has the personal power and charisma to do the work - most don't - and if having your book with everything they need to know within assists with confidence, then it will have done its job.



Outstanding "how to" manual for beginner & pro!, June 17, 2004

I have never seen a book on professional hypnotism so thorough, so complete. This book is actually two books in one. It starts out by giving the reader a very user-friendly and complete grounding in the basics of professional hypnotism. Numerous examples and step-by-step instructions make learning easy. Next, the reader is treated to an education in advanced techniques from 30 of the world's leading practitioners. Many cutting-edge methods are explained in full detail. Finally, there is a surprise ending: the reader is given instructions on how to take a test and become a certified hypnotist based on their study of this wonderful book! A wonderful work, and an incredible value for the money. One of the best books ever written on the subject. Contemporary, up-to-date, and packed with useful ideas, concepts and techniques. More of a complete course than just a book. Highly recommended.

Bill O'Connell (St. Charles, IL United States)



A rich and varied practical manual, June 9, 2004

This book provides a good grounding in the mechanics of hypnosis and explains hypnosis from many different viewpoints. Drawing on the contributions of many very experienced and eminent therapists, it presents a huge menu of hypnotic styles and inductions as well as a step by step approach for explaining hypnosis to a new client. Whether you're just exploring hypnosis, want something to read alongside your hypnotherapy training or are looking for some fresh ideas you'll find it here. Highly recommended.

Maggie Pashley maggie2706 (UK)


Great Book on Hypnosis!, July 22, 2004

This is one of the best books on hypnotherapy that I have encountered to date. It's an actual treasure trove of fabulous contributions from thirty-three world renowned hypnotherapists and contains articles on every imaginable subject related to hypnosis.

This book is a well balanced combination of theory and technique and explains how the mind works and why humans are hypnotizable.

A complete study course in hypnosis that leads you step by step through the hypnosis process.

Mr. Segal makes the subject matter easy to read and understand. I absolutely loved it and know you will too!

Elizabeth Slatwinski (USA)




Hi, Zali -


Just a quick note to let you know I received the book, I thank you and, you know what?

When I actually began flipping through – it suddenly hit me that the book you put together (so very thoroughly and professionally I'd like to add) functions also as a *perfect review* copy for any of us who want to refresh key concepts we learned back in our beginning days but have not used in later years.

How wonderful is that? :) Continual learning is mandatory for a professional practitioner, in my view - but those foundational ABC's are important too.

Thank you for the 'primer' -- and your generosity in helping me to acquire it. It's excellent.



Colleen Lawson



 “Hi Zali,
In reading through the book, I can tell you with all sincerity that you have created a brilliant masterpiece, combining foundational principles, the latest in cutting-edge techniques, all wrapped up in an exceedingly user friendly and aesthetically pleasing format. It really is a wonderful work. I am not in any way exaggerating when I told you that there is $5,000 worth of knowledge. Congratulations again on an outstanding contribution to our field”.
Kind regards,
Bill O'Connell
Certified Instructor of Hypnosis, American Board of Hypnotherapy




I can not say enough good things about Zali Segal's "Hypnotize This!"  He
(and several other big name contributors) have really put together a
hypnotherapy manual for the ages.  Everything is in there!  If you read
this book, you could probably skip every hypnotherapy conference you were
planning on attending in the future.  I'm not saying do that (it was not a
hypnotic suggestion; - ), but I'm saying if you are good at learning from a
book, this one has it all!

Love, Steph

p.s. now, if we could just get him to change the title and the cover....
the book would be PERFECT! ; - )



A welcome source in time of need or reflection, January 30, 2005

'Hypnotize this!' is a must have desk reference and source book for the practicing hypnotist, and all who are learning, or are simply interested in, the informed application of hypnosis. Zali Segal has assembled a wide ranging series of articles that cover most of the topics of interest in modern hypnosis. To do this Mr. Segal has called upon some of the most well-known and respected names in hypnosis: McGill, De Bruyn, Andreas, Friesen, Kein, Knight, Banyan, Phillips to arbitrarily name but a few. Many of the articles are very authoritatively informative on their topic, and all are more than adequate for their purpose. Readers of both the direct an indirect hypnosis persuasions are catered for, and the contents are completed with information on suggestibility scales, client forms, and a bibliography.

Definitely worth a place on a working hypnotist's book shelf.

Drew Wharton (UK)


Awesome!, September 10, 2004

I love this book! I had the pleasure of meeting Zali at the 2004 hypnosis convention in Nashua. Great guy, great book!
If you decide to buy this book, I'm sure you'll thank yourself for doing so.
I recommend this book to everyone interested in hypnosis. It has inspired me greatly.
A big thanks to Zali and all those who have contributed there expertise.

Ken H. Kimball "CCHt" (New Hampshire) - See all my reviews


Your own institute on the bookshelf!, July 8, 2004


What can be said about a book that provides so much? Other than what an AMAZING BOOK!

Perhaps I'm partial because I was asked to submit an essay ("Buried Treasure" pg 294) which is based on my having healed a personal case of PTSD using self-hypnosis while in solitary confinement in a Vietnamese political prisoner, a story which I've written about in my own bestseller "The Bamboo Chest: An Adventure in Healing the Trauma of War", which is also available here at Amazon.

But, I'm only one writer in a whole pack of much better writers and well-practiced hypnotists and hypnotherapist: no wonder "Hypnotize This" has become such a bestseller in the hypnosis community!

Zali has collected the writings of some of the best hypnotists, and hypnotherapists in the world. I was surprised as to how much information on hypnotic technique he has had compiled.

Hard to say which was best, as there's just so much information and technique to process. The inductions through using the environment by Dr. Dennis Chong and Jennifer Chong RN are a light years! Not only gets them state, but also educates the reader as to what hypnosis really is. . .

We're all in a state of hypnosis: instead of being the subject, wouldn't you like to be the hypnotist most of the time?

If you're a veteran hypnotist, you'll find techniques in here that will blow you away with their innovation. If you're new to practicing hypnosis, then you'll be greatly impressed with how putting the tools into use will turn you into an excellent hypnotist.

Practice what's taught in this treasure and you'll be more advanced than many certified hypnotists out there, who still think you have to close your eyes to be hypnotized!


Cork Graham (Boise, ID United States)




Hi Zali,

I wanted to let you know that I found your book to be a wonderful resource and will suggest it to anyone I believe would have a use for it.

Dawning Visions Hypnosis
Suzanne Kellner-Zinck




Dear Zali,

I love the book.  I teach hypnotherapy and I think it is a wonderful collection of information EVERY HYPNOTHERAPIST should have in their library. I have recommended your book to all of my students. I appreciate the opportunity to review such a fine piece of work.  Great job, Zali!


R. Kay Hocking DCH, Ph.D.