Hypnotize This!

Secret Hypnosis Principles and Techniques


Written and Compiled by

Zalman Segal


        In this book, I condensed and make accessible what I have learned so far in the field of hypnosis. I was prompted to write this manuscript because of the relentless requests from my students and clients, many of whom were impressed enough to want to learn and explore the field of hypnotism. Let this be your segue into the wonderful universe of your own mind.




Brief Contents


Chapter 1:   Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Chapter 2:   First Session with a New Client - A Blueprint

Chapter 3:   Inducing Hypnosis and Testing for Depth

Chapter 4:   The Language of the Subconscious Mind &   

                    the Psychology of Suggestion

Chapter 5:   Self-Hypnosis 

Chapter 6:   Rapport     

Chapter 7:   Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Chapter 8:   Hypnosis Theories and Practical Applications

Chapter 9:  Miscellaneous Articles by Notable Contributors

Chapter 10:  Appendices, Bibliography, Glossary, Index



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Throughout history, charismatic men and women have used various forms of hypnosis to influence nations and change the course of history. Today, modern hypnosis techniques are used by skilled practitioners to help people heal, erase negative habits and instill positive new ones. Hypnosis helps by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to efficiently achieve goals in all areas of life.


Hypnotize This! Is a practical state-of-the-art training manual for the novice and seasoned professional. Mysteries of the inner workings of the mind have been stripped away to reveal hypnosis for what it really is: a beneficial psychological art form based on scientific principles. Written in clear concise style by one of America’s leading hypnotherapists, this complete course on hypnosis will serve everyone – from those who wish to improve themselves to those who want to enter the growing field of hypnotherapy. Essays from thirty-three of the world’s most prolific and original thinkers in the world of hypnosis illuminate the art and practice as never before.


This book reveals the principles and theories of how hypnosis works. It is the most complete professional and practical course in hypnotism ever published. The book contains everything from “tried and true” principles to revolutionary hypotheses proposed by the world’s leading hypnotherapists. This book is for the student who wishes to learn about hypnosis, the professional who wants to advance his or her career and the devoted practitioner who wants to stay abreast of leading trends.


If you went to an advanced seminar on hypnosis, taught by current masters from around the world, true experts in leading-edge hypnotic technologies, and had them teach you their very best techniques which they actually use with clients, you would easily pay $5,000 or more for such a training...if such an advanced seminar were available.


What Zali has done with this incredibly impressive monster manual is to take those same advanced techniques, from 34 of the world's top hypnotists, and put them into a brand new comprehensive manual clearly explaining each and every method and technique in rich detail. Hypnotists who have just learned of this amazing manual are calling it a "treasure trove of the latest, most advanced methods and techniques". This "monster-sized" training manual starts out by laying a solid foundation in "basic" hypnotic techniques, then quickly moves on to the main content which is literally brimming over with new and original methods, techniques and concepts. Nothing like this has ever been available before. You will learn hundreds of techniques and concepts not found in any other book. In fact, the only other way to gain access to these break-through methods would be to have each of the 34 hypnotists teach you personally, which would cost thousands of dollars (if you could get to them all, and if they would have time to meet with you). 


Hypnotize This! is a culmination of massive project of collaboration between 34 of the world’s most famous and respected hypnotherapists. These well known leaders in the field shared their very best research and experience. 


This massive text book lays down the foundation of hypnotherapy and continues with advanced, in depth, cutting edge, theories, techniques and applications in a wide variety of topics.


  In this amazing book, you will learn:


- 50 induction techniques - Full scripts

- New theories and techniques in hypnosis.

- How to hypnotize.

- How to test for suggestibility.

- How to test for depth.

- A practical outline guide to conducting a successful hypnotherapy session.

- Step-by-step techniques and scripts enable you to uncover, through age regression, the root cause of a problem

behavior or feelings.

- Forgiveness therapy explained.

- The Triad of powers: Suggestion, Imagination and the Subconscious mind.

- The principles and patterns of the hypnotic language, that powerfully and effectively influence the subconscious mind.

- Secret methods of inducing hypnosis indirectly.

- How to hypnotize anyone instantly using the latest "Rapid Induction" methods.

- How to explain hypnosis in a way that puts clients at ease and makes them more receptive to your suggestions.

- Advanced methods to accelerate change and help clients achieve their goals faster.

- Ericksonian-style hypnosis explained clearly, with easy to use step by step instruction.

- How to hypnotize others using the most advanced electronic methods.

- Forensic hypnosis.

- Self hypnosis.

- Laws of suggestion and influence.

- S.M.A.R.T.I.P.P.P.S.

- SEX and hypnosis.

- Healing with hypnosis.


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