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                  Hypnotize This!
                            By Zali Segal

Hypnotize This! is probably the most comprehensive training manual on hypnotism ever published. It is culmination of a massive collaboration between 34 of the world's preeminent hypnotists.  These well known leader in the field share their very best research and experience. The book is a complete course for the student who wishes to learn about hypnosis, the professional who wants to advance his or her career and the devoted practitioner who wants to stay abreast of leading trends.

In this hypnosis book, you will learn:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Hypnotherapy
Chapter 2: First Session with a New Client
Chapter 3: Inducing Hypnosis and Testing for Depth
Chapter 4: The Language of the Subconscious Mind & the 

                Psychology of Suggestion
Chapter 5: Self Hypnosis
Chapter 6: Rapport
Chapter 7: Hypnotic Induction Techniques
Chapter 8: Hypnosis Theories and Practical Applications
Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Articles by Notable Contributors
Chapter 10: Appendices, Bibliography, Glossary, Index

· 50 hypnosis induction techniques - Full script.
· Why are we hypnotizable? –A New evolution theory.
· Step by step instructional scripts on:  
  How to hypnotize; how to test for suggestibility and how to test for depth.
· A practical procedural outline guide to conducting a successful hypnotherapy
  session anywhere.
· Step-by-step techniques and scripts enable you to uncover, through age
  regression, the root cause of a person's behavior or feelings.
· How hypnosis can promote incredible sex.
· Detailed explanation of "Forgiveness Therapy".
·  The Triad of personal powers: Suggestion, Imagination and the subconscious mind.
· Principles of hypnotic language that powerfully influence the subconscious mind.
· Secret methods of inducing hypnosis indirectly.
· Ways to hypnotize anyone instantly using the latest "Rapid Induction" methods.
· Ways to explain hypnosis that put clients at ease and makes them more receptive
  to suggestions.
· Ericksonian hypnosis techniques and easy-to-use step-by-step instructions.
· How to hypnotize others using the most advanced electronic methods.
· Forensic hypnosis techniques.
· Many ways to use self hypnosis.
· Undeniable laws of suggestion and influence.
· How to create hypnotic suggestions with S.M.A.R.T.I.P.P.P.S.
· Healing invigorated with hypnosis.
· And, dozens of other hypnosis techniques.

    This "monster-sized" training text book starts out by laying a solid foundation in "basic" hypnotic techniques, then quickly moves on to the main content which is literally brimming over with new and original methods, techniques and concepts. Nothing like this has ever been available before. You will learn hundreds of techniques and new concepts not found in any other book. In fact, the only other way to gain access to these break-through methods would be to have each of the 34 hypnotists teach you personally, which would cost thousands of dollars (if you could get to them all, and if they would have time to meet with you).

What They Say about the book:


    "Zali, I can tell you with all sincerity that you have created a brilliant masterpiece, combining foundational principles, the latest in cutting-edge techniques, all wrapped up in an exceedingly user friendly and aesthetically pleasing format. It really is a wonderful work. I am not in any way exaggerating when I told you that there is $5,000 worth of knowledge contained in Hypnotize This! There is at least that! Congratulations again on an outstanding contribution to our field”.
Bill O'Connell
Certified Instructor of Hypnosis American Board of Hypnotherapy

    “Congratulations Zali on an excellent book. The time and effort you put into it really shows…it is a gem among hypnosis books.”
Shelley Stockwell, PhD
President International Hypnosis Federation®

    “This book is recommended reading for all of my students and it will soon become one of the required text books for the Academy of Hypnotherapy. It is jam packed with so much useful information. I recommend “Hypnotize This” to any student of Hypnotherapy or to anyone who has an interest in hypnosis.
The most comprehensive hypnosis manual I've seen!”
Robin E. Jones, CCHt., CI,

    "Dear Zali: I have been a student, practitioner, and/or teacher of hypnosis for 25 years. I am a Certified Instructor for both the NGH, as well as the ABH. Your book "HYPNOTIZE THIS!" is required reading for every course I teach. It is the single most powerful source of practical information concerning hypnosis, available today. I found it to be refreshing, informative and thoroughly digestible. I recommend it to anyone with any level of interest in hypnotism”.
Dr. W. A. Stafford

   "What a masterpiece you've created in your new book 'Hypnotize This'! In my opinion, this reference book should be in the library of every serious professional. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to the profession."
Robert F. Otto, C.Ht.

   “There are many books on hypnosis and hypnotherapy out there, some better than others. Many are more theoretical than practical and obviously written by people who do not do the job of hypnotherapist on a daily basis. This one really is different. It is an absolute goldmine for both beginners and the experienced practitioner. You can see above what it contains in summary, but that does not show you just how packed it is with powerful new ideas both from the author and from the many other eminent contributors who share their secrets of successful sessions. If you work with hypnosis, you can't afford to be without this one!”
Peter Newell

Hypnotize This! is a steal for the price Zali is asking. But it gets even better. This book is actually the complete text of Zali's Hunter College certification course in professional hypnotherapy! And once you study this book you will be eligible to take the course exam and receive a certificate of accomplishment in hypnosis theories and techniques.
   Even if you are already certified as a hypnotherapist, you will want to own this amazing book, loaded with many methods that will be new to you, as your single desk reference book.
This comprehensive 340-page training hypnosis text book is available at, Barnes and Nobel and other fine booksellers for $111.00.


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